Choosing clothes for children

adults can be comfortable in just about anything for the length of a photo shoot.  However, choosing perfect children'ts clothing is of the utmost importance for a good p hoto shoot.  Kids can be made itching or uncomfortable by the smallest inconvenience-a tag in the back of a shirt or a fabric that rubs against the skin wrong.  Choose free-flowing clothing for kids will allow them to move easier and stay comfortable thoughout the photo shoot.  For outdoor photos, consider bright, free-flowing clothing that will move with the child and add movement and life to a photo.  A dress that twirls not only enchants a little girl, it makes a photo exciting and engaging.  A superhero cape has the same effect for a boy-they feel excited about the photo and that enthusiasm shows in the photo.


To ensure that the children are happy and at ease during photos, let them pick their own clothing.  They'll pick something that shows off what their preferences and interests are.  If you are worried about what they'll choose, try selecting three or four main outfits that youw ould be happy with your child wearing for a photo.  Let them choose from the outfits you've selected; they'll still feel like they got to make the decision.  And bring a back up outfit.  They will inevitably make a mess or change their mind!

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