complimenting family outfits

Gone are the days of the 1990s family portraits where everyone in the picture would wear the same outfit.  A good way to start planning a photo session is to choose a color scheme.  Try to choose a palette that has a mix of neutral shades and a bright color.  Another option is  acolor scheme with one main color and different variations of that color.

Instead of having everyone in the photo compete for center stage, you may want to choose one person to stand out from the others.  They can wear one impactful piece that inspires the accessories and colors in everyone else's outfits.  Typically, it's easier to have a woman's or girl's outfit be the focul point of a picture.  Once you've chosen one person to be the focus of the photograph, use a bright color to draw viewers'' eyes in.  Everyone else in the photo can have accessories that match the bright color, making the photo look unified and complete.

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