Keep it classic for a timeless look

While your preferences may be different, many photographers and families alike prefer to dress in timeless and classic looks that will last through the year.  Wearing clothes that are too trendy might mean that the photos will look outdated in a matter of months or years.  If you choose clothes that have looked good for years, the photos wil llikely continue to look good and up-to-date for years to come.  For a classic look, choose a soft color palette with a couple of bright colors that are repeated in accessories throughout the photos.  Sticking to timeless looks will let your family's personalities shine through.  However, if you wish to use trnedy, modern clothing, that is completely up to you.  Either way, we can make a beautiful photo!

For a classic look, choose a soft color palette with a couple of bright colors


keep the display in mind

as you plan out a photo shoot, remember to think about where and how pictures will be displayed.  if you are planning on displaying photos on your living room wall, tie the colors and setup of your photos to the color scheme of the room.  Photos that will go up in a child's room shoudl emulate the fun, playful spirit of children and capture the age of your child.  Pictures that will be used for invications, Christmas cards, or announcements should keep the smaller display size of the photo in mind.  Small details may get lost in a smaller photo, so use bold accessories that will show up in a 4x6 photo.

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