Patterned clothes

patterns are like bright colors or accessories in a photo-they are great when used with a light hand.  One person wearing a patterned top or dress can break up the picture into visually interesting chunks.  To avoid overwhelming a photo, have just one subject in a photo wear a bold pattern.  In the rest of the photo, have small bursts of patterns to draw the eye through the photo.  For instand, a little girl dressed in a bold patterned dress can look great next to her mother who is wearing subtly patterned scarf or textured dress.


As you plan your photo shoot outfits, keep the location in mind.  You want the clothing choices and the photo setting to complement each other, not look like they don't match.  Imagine a little girl with a vintage cotton dress, sporting pigtails and holding a handful of flowers she picked herself.  This would like great in a meador or a farm setting.  However, the same little girl would look a bit strange in an urban photo setting.

You also want to make sure that the colors and patterns you choose fit well in the environment you've selected.  If a subject's clothing is the same color as the background, she or he may blend in.  It may be easier to choose the location for a photo shoot and then plan outfits around that location.  If you're shooing in an area with lots of patterns and visually distracting elements, bright, solic colors may be just what your subjects needs to stand out.

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