everything matters from top to bottom...yes that includes shoes!

Everything that is worn or used in a photo shoot affects the look and feel of each photo.  This includes shoes.  Don't let shoes and footwear be an overlooked part of your outfit planning.  A pair of shoes that doesn't fit in with the rest of a photo can detract from the picture.  Unless you have tennis shoes that are unique and fun enough to fit in with the vibe of a photo shoot, you may want to consider other footwear options for your pictures.  For women, ballet flats come in almost every color.  Choosing a pair of flats that fit in with the color scheme is a great way to make a photo look great and add a burst of color.  Shoes, when matched with accessories that other subjects in the photo are wearing, can tie a photo together.  Bright yellow ballet flats can match a man's yellow tie or a little girl's headband.  This creates a unified feel in a photo without making it too cutely.  Consider going barefoot if the shoot allows for it.  Bare feet can create a rustic, casual feel that better shows off the natural personality and intereaction of the subjects in a photo

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