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Cincinnati Family Photographer: Special Everyday Moments

May 28, 2015

I have always been concerned with capturing everything my children do, and making sure it gets scrapbooked.  I can imagine myself going through these scrapbooks when they go off to college, crying over the fact that my babies are grown!  But mostly, I imagine giving those scrapbooks to them when they start their own families, and that my kids will share them with their children the way I shared them with mine.

But I find that the older they get, the less "big moments" they have.  They aren't hitting new milestones every week.  The big days are the first and last days of school, recitals, championship games.  There are only a few throughout the school year.  Add to that that I am always busy editing photos for other families, and my personal photo count has dropped drastically.  Phones are great for taking care of everyday photos. Except that they never get printed.  Hopefully they get saved digitally so they're not lost the next time I break my phone. That's just not good enough for me. 

So I have recommitted to capturing some everyday moments.  Today's baseball game was the same as every other game, except that I haven't photographed a baseball game since last year.  Now I can see how much has changed, and it is a big moment.  It's so special, and it will mean even more when my baby is playing baseball at 18, and I can look back at how small and silly he was at 6.   I'm holding on tight :)






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